65-69 Year Old Covid-19 Vaccinations

65 to 69-year-olds can now book a COVID-19 jab at the large vaccination centre in the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC). Just visit  or call 119. If the appointments are not suitable, you will be invited to book other options once available.

How we will be contacting Patients to book Covid Vaccinations

I have been invited to book my Covid-19 vaccination through Is this legitimate?


The link you will receive is a legitimate invitation from your GP.  Accurx, is a software provider helping GP practices like ours to deliver the Covid-19 vaccination programme across the UK.

The link you will have received or will receive is sent on behalf of our GP practice and will enable you to book in to appointments available at your Local Vaccination Centre(s). You should feel confident accessing it.

accuBook is an NHS Digital assured appointment management solution, and this can be verified on their website:

Please do not worry if we are unable to contact you by Mobile Phone, we will still be contacting our Patients by landlines or Post




Identifying Carers

Do you look after someone who is ill, frail, disabled or mentally ill? If so, you are a carer.

We are interested in identifying carers, especially those people who may be caring without help or support. We know that carers are often “hidden” looking after a family member or helping a friend or neighbour with day to day tasks and may not see themselves as a carer.

We feel that caring for someone is an important and valuable role in the community, which is often a 24-hour job that can be very demanding and isolating for the carer. We further believe carers should receive appropriate support by way of access to accurate information on a range of topics such as entitlement to benefits and respite care and not least, a listening ear when things get too much.

As a carer, you are entitled to have your needs assessed by Adult Care Services. A Carer’s Assessment is a chance to talk about your needs as a carer and the possible ways help could be given. It also looks at the needs of the person you care for. This could be done separately, or together, depending on the situation. There is no charge for an assessment.

Please access the following websites., and this website for more information. to download the Dorset Carers Handbook

For further information on how to register as a carer please visit

If you are a carer, this is also an opportunity to let the Practice know so that we can update our records and send you a Carers pack containing relevant information and advice, local support services, newsletter and telephone linkline.

Unpaid and Young Carers


Free PPE for unpaid carers

 Unpaid carers in the Dorset Council area can now request free Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for when they are carrying out their caring responsibilities.

 A standard package includes:

  • Visors
  • Aprons
  • Face masks
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Gloves

Please spread this message to your carers. They can order their PPE by using the link below:


The scheme is currently running until the end of June. There is no particular criteria for a carer, other than they are caring for someone and are not paid. They don’t have to be in receipt of carer’s allowance. For more information, please visit: Unpaid carers can now request free PPE - Dorset Council news



Identifying early signs of worsening health in a person with a learning disability – specific training for family carers

 The NHS England and NHS Improvement Learning Disability and Autism Programme are inviting family carers to take part in a workshop. This training is available specifically for family carers to recognise soft signs of deterioration in people with a learning disability and how to tell a health professional. The 90 minute workshop is free and only for parents with children over the age of 16.

 What the carer will learn:

  • how to identify soft signs of deterioration
  • how to use a simple communication tool (SBARD) to communicate effectively with health care professionals so they can get the help they need at the right time.

 The training is being offered every working day from Tuesday 23rd February to Friday 31st March 2021 at different times in the day. There are over 30 sessions to choose from.  To book:

Please click this link to register your place on the training.



More training for carers!

 Health Education England, Carers UK and Agylia Care have co-produced free online resources to support the vital care that unpaid carers provide. It is aimed for anyone who provides care and support to a family member or friend due to their disability, health condition, frailty, mental health problem or other health and care needs. Please share. Link for more information:



Carers caseworkers carers groups

 Carers Caseworkers across Dorset Council are now offering online carers groups:

  • Shelia Biddlecombe for West and Mid Dorset.
  • Kay Linehan-Cross for Weymouth and Portland.
  • Lynne White for North Dorset.

 These are promoted through Carer Support Dorset website so please sign post carers to their local support group available to them (if they are in one of these catchments) - Events (

Both CRISP and CSD are continuing to run council wide carers groups themselves as well.



Young Carers Action Day (YCAD) 2021 is taking place on 16 March 2021

Young Carers Action Day is an annual event, organised by Carers Trust. This year’s theme is ‘Protect Young Carers’ Futures’, highlighting the skills learned through being a carer, like time-management, resilience and empathy. These skills are important not only for young people moving into higher education, but also for entering the workplace – they are highly valued by employers.

Thanks to some really important feedback from young carers the annual event has changed its name to Young Carers Action Day and it's now in March, not January. This year it’s March 16.


Young Carers Action Day 2021 - Carers Trust


Support available for Young Carers in Dorset


Carers Support Dorset

Telephone: 0800 368 8349


Dorset Young Carers Service

Telephone: 01305 225677


BCP Young Carers

Telephone: 01202 261999


My Time Young Carers


Discovery project

Dorset HealthCare :: Discovery Project

The project works across the whole of Dorset with schools, charities, and a wide variety of organisations to create an offer for Young People (13-25) and their parents/ carers.


Dorset Mind


NHS England advice


Contraceptive Clinics

We are pleased to announce we are offering a weekly contraceptive clinic at our Northmead drive Surgery.

We will be able to offer the following:Implants

  • Mirena coils
  • Coil checks
  • Coil removals

This is open to both registered and non- registered patients (non-registered patients will need to complete a Temporary Resident form.

To book an appointment or for further details please contact the surgery on 01202 697639.

50-64 Year Old Flu Vaccinations

We still have a limited amount of FLU VACCINE left

 If you are in the 50-64 year old age group and would like a FREE flu jab please contact the surgery

Covid Vaccination Programme

We are pleased to announce that we will be starting our Covid Vaccination Programme this week!

We will be working as Poole North Primary Care Network in collaboration with The Hadleigh Practice, Canford Health Practice and The Harvey Practice.

Our Covid-19 Mass Vaccination Centre will be The Hamworthy Club in Wimborne to allow us to carry out this programme in a Covid safe and secure environment.

Patients are being prioritised using a central system; those over 80 are in this first cohort, these patients will be prioritised based on long term conditions, ethnicity and other factors. We will be telephoning this particular group of patients from tomorrow morning!

As more vaccines are delivered, we will work our way down the prioritised list and contact you all over the coming weeks, months.

To see further information on how the Government have prioritised the order of vaccination cohorts, please click on the link below:

The surgery continues to be incredibly busy, so please do not call us, we will be in contact with all patients once you become eligible to receive the vaccine.

We look forward to embarking on this positive journey with you all and hope for a safe 2021.

*This page is for information only and unfortunately we are unable to answer every question due to workloads. However, on this occasion we would like to explain that the covid vaccine at this time cannot be delivered to individual surgeries due to the complexity of this mass programme and is out of our control. All GP surgeries have to work from large safe spacious environments to keep patients safe and allow us to vaccinate on mass. We are therefore conforming to Government advice and guidance. We may be in lockdown but you are legally allowed to travel for medical appointments.

GOV.UKJoint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation: advice on priority groups for COVID-19 vaccination, 30 December

COVID-19 vaccination fraud warning issued

We are aware that some people are receiving suspicious calls and text messages offering the COVID-19 vaccination.

To protect yourself and your family members from fraud and criminals, remember the following points:

  • The vaccine is only available on the NHS for free to people in priority groups, and the NHS will contact you when it is your turn. Anyone offering a paid-for vaccine is committing a crime.
  • The NHS will never ask you to press a button on your keypad or send a text to confirm you want the vaccine, and never ask for payment or for your bank details.
  • At the moment we are also not making house calls to deliver or discuss the vaccine. Anyone offering this now is committing a crime.

The health and care system is working together to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine to local people. We’re doing it in a way which means those who are most at risk will be invited to get their jab first.

Please be reassured that the NHS will get in touch when it’s your turn to be vaccinated.

Dr Karen Kirkham, local GP and Clinical lead for the Dorset COVID-19 vaccination programme, and Assistant Clinical Director of NHS Dorset CCG, said: “It’s really important that people are aware of how to protect themselves and their family members from fraud and follow the advice on how to do this.

“At the same time, we’d like to provide reassure to local people in Dorset that the NHS will be in touch when it’s your turn to be vaccinated. Please don’t contact us to seek a vaccine. We will contact you. We hope this is helpful. We’d like to thank people in Dorset for their continued support.”

If you receive a call you believe to be fraudulent, hang up. If you believe you have been the victim of fraud or identity theft you should report this directly to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.

Where the victim is vulnerable, and particularly if you are worried that someone has or might come to your house, report it to the Police online or by calling 101.

Red Hub Sites

During the current Covid-19 outbreak, patients experiencing certain symptoms (breathing issues and / or fever) and who have been telephone assessed by a GP to need a face to face examination will be called to one of our local 'Red Hubs'.

Your local Primary Care Assessment Service is Fernside Surgery, 2A Hennings Road, Poole BH15 3QU

If you need to be seen, please ring your own practice who will add you to a list for triage, then they will give you a time to attend the hot site if needed.

Process if you attend the hot site:

Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your appointment time as parking may be limited.

When you arrive WAIT IN THE CAR and call 01202-673520 to inform reception:

  • If you are in your car you will be asked for your car registration, make and colour.
  • Please have this information available.

When it is your turn.

  • A member of staff - who will be wearing full protective equipment - will come to the car park to invite you in.
  • You will be given a mask to wear into the Red Hub. You must always wear this during the assessment.



GP Telephone Consultations

Please be advised during the pandemic, if you wish to see a doctor face to face, you will need to recieve a telephone call first to triage your medical needs. If the doctor requires to see you face to face, they will book you to come in to the surgery as soon as possible.

Face Masks

It is mandatory for adults to wear face masks when visiting or attending our surgery, both on Oakdale and Creekmoor. This is to protect patients and staff from the spread of the Coronovirus.

Social Prescriber

Please see a New Video from Our Social Prescirber providing information on our Services Page